Sometimes A Picture Needs To Be Worth a Thousand Words


Thanks to everyone for all the emails, comments and tweets.  Access to a solid internet connection has been sorely lacking, but I’ve read every single message several times over.  I don’t think there’s any way you can climb a mountain like Everest without extreme determination (or just plain stubbornness in my case), so I am hugely indebted to all the moral support.  Keep it coming.  It means a lot to me.


This is how much equipment it takes to climb Everest. My three duffel bags are somewhere in there.



Also referred to as the Lukla Airport, the Tenzing-Hilary Airport is said to be the world's most dangerous airport. The runway sits on an incline, with a sharp 600m drop-off on one end and a cliff face on the other. Expeditions to Everest generally begin with a flight here.



View from our teahouse in Namche (3450m).



Mountain views around Namche.



The monastery at Tengboche (3867m).



Introducing my sherpa: Lakpa



Receiving a blessing from a lama this morning prior to the start of our climb.


5 thoughts on “Sometimes A Picture Needs To Be Worth a Thousand Words

  1. MajorTom on Reply

    Lakpa looks like a nice guy. Please ensure that he does not read my April Fools’ Day post under “A Life in Motion”.

  2. alyce dunnewold on Reply

    Great pictures Sandra. The picture from the tea room in Namche is breathtaking (don’t take that literally) Having been watching more docus on Everest climbs recently again (your fault, of course), so will have some pictures in my head when you tweet from Everest.

  3. Younes Bounhar on Reply

    You’re living the dream, lady. Enjoy every second of it! We`ll be cheering for you!

    • Sandra Leduc on Reply

      Thanks Younes!! You would love the mountain views here. Unbelievable!!

  4. Sharon & Susan on Reply

    Sandra, it sounds like you’re having a hell of a good time! Sending our good (warm) thoughts and wishes to you. (Like the sherpa!)
    Sharon & Susan (and good wishes from Pierre)

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