I was three days old when I flew across my first international border – from Singapore to Indonesia.  I was four when I overheard my first English words while waiting outside the Los Angeles International Airport. I was eight and I had already lived on three continents.

As a teen I was known to argue a lot so I thought law school might be a good place to hone my skills.  But the travel bug is a life-long affliction and within months of graduating from McGill law, I was back on the road, on my way to India to work with the UN on international humanitarian law issues.

I have also been hiking for as long as I can remember and a trip to Mt Everest base camp in 2000 made me dream even bigger.  I’m currently working on summiting the highest mountain on each of the seven continents.  I summited Mt Everest in May 2012.  Only one remains: The Carstensz Pyramid on the Oceanic continent (Nov. 2014).

In my day job, I am a lawyer for the Government of Canada.  After working for two years in Afghanistan, I now live in Jerusalem and work for the Canadian Representative Office in Ramallah.  On occasion, I fly small planes and spend an exorbitant amount of time playing with big cameras.